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The aims and objectives of Bourne Sports Club are to provide access to a range of Sporting Facilities in the community of Bourne.

Access to Sporting Facilities, within the Community, currently is either limited or non-existent and unless future additional provisions and /or development of existing facilities are undertaken it will inevitably lead to a decline in sporting activities in the community.

Bourne Sports Club, which currently is made up of Bourne Rugby Union Football Club & Bourne town Junior Football Club operates from 10 acres of land in Milking Nook Drove (off Spalding Road). Current Rugby Club membership consists of approx. 75 seniors together with approx. 150 mini and junior members ranging from aged 5 to 16. Membership of Bourne Town Junior Football Club consist of approx. 300 no ranging from aged 5 to 16. Both clubs also have female junior playing members. These facilities are now insufficient for the total needs, Bourne Rugby Union Football Club currently have use of the playing fields of Abbey Road School in Manning Road and Bourne Town Junior Football Club has pitches at the Recreation Ground at Recreation Road together with playing fields at Morton.

There are a number of other Sports Clubs within the town whose facilities are limited and some of which rely upon others for their facilities which is limiting and also expensive. The Hockey Club has to travel outside of Bourne to find suitable facilities.

The ambition of Bourne Sports Club is to integrate other Sports Clubs along with the Rugby & Junior Football Club so as to be able to provide multi discipline sports grounds within the community together with the appropriate updated and modern sporting changing and recreational facilities.

Bourne Sports Club has made initial approaches to the Local Authorities, Charities & other clubs in the Community all of which are in favour of pursuing the possibility of integrated sporting facilities in the town.

 An initial option appraisal was carried out 2 years ago to look at suitable  available land which revealed a number of possibilities that need to be pursued.

Funding of such a major project is paramount & Sport England have now issued its 2013 – 2017 Strategic Facilities Fund prospectus which provides guidelines & requirements  needed to demonstrate the necessary criteria to obtain funding.

If any member is able to assist in this project please contact Andy Rowe.

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